30 April 2008


Off to Yercaud for this long weekend. 3 nights of sleeping in the jungle and walking around. Must be fun. Haven't slept in the jungle in a long time. For a change, I have a camera with me and a darn good one too. Just that I'm no wizard in photography ;-) However, I do hope to come back with a few decent pictures.

PS: Illaya Thalapathi's Kuruvi releases on Friday. Yeah, no doubt about the fact that it would be a smash hit.

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29 April 2008


A nice song from the movie Kannathil Mutthamittal.

PS: The picture is a photograph taken by yours truly. Yeah, I know it is not all that clear when I mixed it up with this song, but what the heck ! Here is a clear version of the same picture


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Going Green

Many of my friends who travel tell me that the latest "in" thing is to see how green a business establishment, an individual is, particularly in USA.

While this is appreciable, there are a few simple things which when done would enable the residents of that country to be more greener.

1. Using buckets to take bath instead of showers. Waiting for a shower to mix up hot and cold water to the right temperature wastes a lot of water, which can be easily solved by using a bucket.

2. Using water instead of toilet papers and using a scrub cloth instead of kitchen papers. I think this is self-explanatory. The amount of trees that are cut down to make paper can absorb the harmful gases from the atmosphere.

So, a simple lifestyle change in the daily life can make the citizens more greener ;-)

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17 April 2008

Good Fortune

I consider it my good fortune to have seen this man playing live.


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10 April 2008


Personally speaking, I do not think that the recent supreme court ruling on reservations would do anything to alleviate the position of the backward classes. Only those who are into the second generation of reservations, i.e., those kids whose parents benefited from reservations, would continue to reap the benefits.

However, the brighter side is that it will improve their position, as long as thecreamy layer restrictions are strictly imposed. Given the fact that the definition of creamy layer has been made clear, it should not be too tough to impose it.

On the other hand, I think instead of saying no to reservations, those communities defined as "forward classes" must make a representation saying they need 30% reservations ! Instead of classifying the remaining seats as open competition, better reserve those seats too ! Let there be no "Open Competition" category. Every caste or community has reserved seats. Problem solved.

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05 April 2008


Why is it that most Royal Enfield owners choose to upgrade to a Mahindra Scorpio ?

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04 April 2008

Chinks in the Armour

When Federer looses to Roddick is when you start doubting whether he is really loosing his Midas touch.

PS: I remember reading that Mandy Moore wrote the song "Crush on you" for Andy Roddick. Some day Derek'O Brien will ask this in one of his useless quizzes.

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03 April 2008

Code Quality

A nice comic about code quality !

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02 April 2008

Dear Parents

Dear (sometimes)anxious and (many a time)irritating parents of kids coming to swimming pool:

a) Your kid will always be safe in a 3ft swimming pool. The minimum height required for a kid to join swimming classes is 4ft.

b) At any given point, there are around 10 people learning to swim, 4 others practicing, and two coaches. If they cannot take care of your kid, no one else can.

c) Trying to teach them when you are standing on the shores does not work. It just leads to excess noise pollution levels around the swimming pool.

d) For god's sake, the kids are coming to learn to swim, not for anything else. So, please avoid plastering their faces with Talc and dressing them up daintily. They will have to take a shower anyway before they enter the swimming pool and they will be half naked inside it.

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Motorola E6 Alarm Clock Bug

If you are using the Motorola E6 as I am, by now, you would have found out that the Alarm clock has a mind of its own. It will work only when it wants to.

Well, after spending sometime fiddling with it, I have narrowed down a way to make sure that it works fairly consistently. It is quite simple. First set the time that you want the alarm to work, and enable it. Save it. Then, once you do it, disable and enable the alarm clock. Save it again.

Simple. It works consistently if you follow this approach.

I think the bug is simply because the monkey that coded the alarm clock forgot that this program should actually be a real time deamon, and not a statically activated one. Anyway, I shall try to see if I can get sometime to write a new one. After all, as long as it runs Linux, anything is possible on it.

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01 April 2008


If you are traveling on the velachery high road leading to Vijayanagar bus stand early in the morning, say around 8.00AM, do check if you can postpone your plan or take an alternate route. The reason being that, to reduce the movement of the buses carrying the software coolies on sardar patel road towards OMR, the traffic cops have diverted all the buses towards the velachery high road.

Nothing wrong in that, except that there is a huge bottleneck called the velachery checkpost bus stop, where a government bus (MTC) stops and then you see a huge pile up of buses. Since the traffic coming in from Race course road merges with the velachery high road at precisely this point, what you get is a horrible pile up.

One way to avoid this is to move the bus stop a bit, say 100 meters or so, before the current bus stop, as at that point, neither does the traffic from race course road merge in, nor is the road narrow.

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And it rains during the month of April in Madras. What has my motherland come to ? Global warming ?

I am guessing that this guy would attribute it to the North Indian adhikkam ;-) :-)

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