01 November 2003

as i write this india is crashing towards yet another defeat to australia.and to think of australia has only second string bowlers.one this is clear : both sides are short of some good bowlers.
now for some important learnings from this match.
1. think with your head not heart.this is for indian captain dravid.it beats me to see sehwag coming in the very second over ! i would have reasoned out either harbhajan or kumble in the early overs but sehwag is nothing but easy picking.
now why did dravid bring on sehwag early ? simply becuase he turned the earlier match around for us ! in the earlier match he came into bowl when the ball was old and not new.
2. why does zaher khan get excited every time he comes on to bowl a big match ? too many excitement = too many extras !
3. why didnt harbhajan bowl around the wicket ? i always see our indian bowlers not change plans when nothing is working.this has always been happening again and again with no signs of change.
4. the professionalism of the aussies: ian harvey was an in form bowler.but what did the aussies do ? they dropped him placed faith in an unknown bowler called clarke who has played just 6 matches before this and the bowler responds ! how well he responds ? he picks up 3 very important wickets within a span of 3 overs.sachin,dravid and yuvraj ! this is what is called confidence is a player.
ganguly is the only person whom i know does this in the present indian team ! but unfortunately he does not get support from the selectors becuase of a screwed up zonal policy which says every zone in the indian country must be represented ! ( of course tamilnadu does not count in this but more about this in a later post)

moral of the story :
1. winning the toss in an india-australia means that team will win the match !
2. come back quickly dada.we are missing your agression !
let us hope things change better for the boys in blue the next match around !

one self learning from this match : dont trust the indian team to win or loose.they are highly unpredictable ! i postponed studying for my monday's exam becuase of this match hoping to see an indian win :-( but i see my exam going down like the indian team ! let me try to salvage it by thinking with my head and not my heart !

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