04 December 2004

lead footed !

man im absolutely dead tired today ! as a part of my practise for the madras marathon i ran the half marathon today.managed to do it in precisely 2 hours.that is a bit too loong.got to shorten it to manageable time !
since the race is on feb20th i guess i would have enough time to practise up for the full marathon ! as of now with the current form im in a half marathon looks an easy possibility except that by the time i finish it in 2 hours the more serious runners would finish the full marathon itself in 2 hrs and 45mins !
anyway a few points
1. if u r living in bangalore in & around koramangala and planning to participate in the madras marathon and want to practise send across a mail
2. do not in any case practise on the roads with heavy traffic.man the dust is real bad and saps you quite quickly.
so all my practise will be confined henceforth to the ring road between domlur and koramangal.that is a 5km stretch on the single direction so should be ok if i do that stretch 4 times !
3. a big thanks to my roommate who has a mobile with fm radio graciously lent it to me !.also thanks to radiocity which usually dishes out some shit in the name of songs, but from 6am to 7am it was playing some real good old hindi songs ! {dil pukarae haare haare} types !
4. and finally im thinking of moving my practise to 5am ! it is quite difficult but let me see!

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:54 AM


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