17 June 2005

Barathiya Joke Party

The past few weeks of happening within BJP has only turned into a joke party ! Advani goes to pakistan at the invitation of that president and then makes an observation that jinnah was secular.Firstly let us try to examine the intent and motive behind such a statement.

The indian media in particular is obsessed with the word secular.I fail to understand what this word necessarily means.Does it mean that embracing all religions ? The why does the same indian media highlight the plight of the so called minorities ? why not highlight the atrocities perpetrated against hindus ? Ok that is a topic of a different post.

Coming back one can see that the BJP as a party was trying hard to make sure it remains in the limelight, not forgotten by the people.In fact the recent by-elections, if to be taken as any sort of indication, only serve to remind the party of its rapidly eroding base.It was a party the came up to power on a firm idealogy, namely the Hindutva.However the party, to its consternation, is finding out that not many people in the present days are willing to acccept the hindutva line. The chief reason among this is the increasing awareness among people, and strangely the emergence of private players in the job market, which reduced the dependance of the people on the government for jobs! This being the case, the Indo-pak relations, always a sensitive issue comes into the picture.I for one think that advani assumed a few things that would be supportive of him, in his efforts to push the party to gain a broader public acceptance.In particular the second rung leaders of the party would be throwing their weight behind him when he is facing this sort of crisis.Alas, that was not to be.He stood completely isolated.In fact no leader of the party was willing to accept what he said was right or wrong !
It is to his credit that he is trying to move the party away from the RSS, which is not a bad move at all ! It is in this attempt that in my opinion, he has acted in haste.The timing of his comments could not have been more wrong.
All this has culminated into leaving the party now in a total controversy !

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    Politics is just a big circus...

    so i've stopped thinkin bout it...i just sit back and relax...

    if..only if...this code wud work...OOPS!!!

    i am goin NUTS!!!

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