11 August 2005

General Stuff

Of all the things that happened over the past few weeks, the buyout of citibank stake in iflex by oracle is perhaps the most significant one. Larry Ellison faced a lot of flak for his takeover of peoplesoft, but this one is bound to help oracle in a major way.Oracle now stands to gain a foothold into south africa and other niche markets where iflex, with its flexcube product has been having a major market share.It remains to be seen as to how much oracle can gain through this takeover !

Perhaps the second most important thing that happened to gladden the hearts of linux enthu's like me is the opening up of SUSE.Novell quite expectedly opened up SUSE for free download.It was quite expected as once novell tookover SUSE the market share of SUSE actually declined.Suse let's face it folks, is a kick-ass distro.I for one like it so very much.There are quite a lot of reasons for that.For one it gives all that one needs along with the distribution itself.For example, if you need to do proper web browsing java plugins are a must.java comes bundled along with the distribution. Though mp3 playback capabilities are not present due to various licensing issues, overall Suse is indeed a neat distribution.Go over here to get your copy of the distribution that rocks !

And finally "Amma" Jayalalithaa seems to have tried her best to make sure that my motherland gets enough water, which in many cases has been cited as the drawback for not making investments.In the next 15 months a sea water desaliantion plant is going to be up folks ! Check this for more info ! So my choice of moving back to my motherland as quickly as possible, im sure will help me reap lotsa benefits !


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