20 December 2005

Point to ponder

Why is it that a india pakistan cricket match generates more intrest than any other cricket match ? Why is it that people still prefer to watch a Lara play than a hayden ?
Why is it that etc etc so many questions on those lines can be asked. The answer to them all is simple. It is because they play the game for the love of playing the game. They dont treat it as a mundane job ! Ok forget cricket. Why is it that a Vishwanathan Anand or a Kasprov was more favoured and watched than a karpov during a chess match ? It is again the same reason !
That being the case the current indian coach is doing more harm to the sport in india than good. Agreed we need some kind of discipline and the so called "professionalistic" approach, but this kind of discipline enforcement is not correct ! Suderman has written up a beautiful post here
Make no mistake, Dada was wronged and chappel is going to rot in hell for this !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:23 AM


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