09 April 2006

Atul's Commonsensical Insights

Taking computers when they are on the move ? AT&T found that they were able to save a million dollars when people worked from home during one of those inclement weathers. Atul started off with a neat introduction on what is big and what is not in the realm of computers with some cool comparisons with wrist watches and wall clocks. And for movie buffs like me there was a neat example he gave on why cinema is being beaten by home theatres. Availability is the keyword he says. And most importantly the advantage with small form factor devices is that you dont need to display *all the information* but
only the *desired information*. There is no more scope for innovation or change in the desktop which we see today. HP it seems produced touch screen enabled vectra PC's almost twenty years ago ! A mindset change is needed not in the minds of the users but in the minds of the developers !
The best part of the whole talk is more on the commonsensical approach rather than technological approaches. And Vamsi from Viamentis sitting to me is using Ubuntu 5.10 with w-lan on a IBM thinkpad R51. That's pretty cool as i see lots of guys using linux !! The live skype talk with Sujatha is coming up next. She is going to talk about it from a user perspective.

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