08 April 2006

VoiceSnap-What happened in that talk.

Seems the collector in sivagangai, a town and i think district headquarters (?) in TamilNadu uses VoiceSnap for receiving petitions. And this is totally on-realtime technology ie, this is *not* voice chat. This has some more cool features. Check out their websites ! And Adel (to be said out as "Adhil") of good handwriting and some kick-ass sense of humour has made out a piece of paper which says "Its Time" which i hold up to warn the speaker that it is time for the next speaker to take stage. And im on gmail. Reach me on shyamk and if you want to talk live you know where to find me ! And Ganesh says that more questions can be taken using their voicesnap software.
Vinoo of Netcore is coming up with his next talk. He asks for firefox and he says his homeland is chennai :-). I think he instantly connected with me coz for these two things.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:05 AM


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