26 February 2007

மலையும் நதியும் (Malaiyum Nadhiyum)

Malaiyum Nadhiyum is a very very interesting song. Check it out Here.

It was released sometime in the 90's (I am not sure about the exact time) and was composed by Rajamaan (Heck, i have not even heard about such a music composer!!), for a movie named "Namma ooru Teacheramma". (Yes, i have not heard about the movie too!).

But, don;t be put off that it has no known music composers and stuff. Listen to it and be amazed. It is, IMHO, a brilliant song. Smooth and slow paced and rendered brilliantly by the "God of Low-bass voice" Hariharan ! And giving him perfect company is another melody song queen of these times, Sujatha.

As the Superstar said in the movie Chandramukhi, "Repeatuuu" (in the MP3 player) ;-)


PS: Coming up; the lyrics of this song in Tamil ;-)


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:41 PM


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