10 January 2008

Well Done!

Mr.Ratan Tata, for silencing your critics. For whatever it is worth, you have made everyone around the world stand up and take notice.

It is here that the despicable "Crab Mentality" of Indians crept up. Instead of trying to contribute their might to making the project a success, for the past year or so, all that I have been hearing of, is nothing but pure negativism. If you cannot contribute, atleast give constructive criticism.

Pictures are up Here.

Update: There seems to be a lot of criticism surrounding this car. People come up with all sorts of points, the most standard ones being the lack of space in Indian roads, pothole ridden roads e.t.c, e.t.c. For a moment, pause and think about this. Why should this car be restricted to just Indian roads ? Why should this not be exported all around the world ? Why cannot this become another iconic symbol like the Beetle ? Any advancement has always been met with criticism. However, until we try, we never know the kind of advancement that we can bring about.



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