13 June 2008

Motorola E6 Usability Issue

So you would think that when the silly software engineers write code, they would think about usability too right ? Wrong. Absolutely wrong. Case in point : The SMS composing window of Motorola E6.

When you compose a SMS, you would want to go to your phone address book to choose your recipients by name right ? In E6, you do the reverse. You go to the phone address book, choose your recipient, and then compose the message. The obvious bug of this method is that you cannot send a single message to multiple recipients. The second obvious bug is that you cannot forward messages !!

I think frustration is slowly creeping into me. If only the Android comes out a bit early.


PS: No more ordinary phones for me. I am not buying phones that do not run Linux.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 12:24 PM


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