16 October 2008

Once again

I have lost count of the number of times I have used that title for a blog post. Anyway, that is besides the point now.

As I was getting ready to work the other day, Sun Music played out a nice song. Incidentally, 7Am-8Am is the best time of the day to listen to Sun Music. No RJ's putting up a facade, no chit-chat, no nonsense. Just a few words and some amazing songs. As always, good things do not last all the time and hence, these amazing songs come up only on a few days of the week. I am sure they are on on Wednesday's and Tuesday's though.

So, check out the song Sengamalam from the movie Thavani Kanavugal. As I kept checking out the strains of the song, I could not help wondering that this is quite close to the song "Idhazhil Kadhai Yezhudum", from the movie Unnal Mudiyum Tahambi. A little bit of googling around and it does seem to be true. Both songs are in the Lalitham base. It is possible that purists can affirm/strike down my guess work.

So, without much ado, here is the video. Check out how nicely the violins open the song and then blend in with the chorus. Those little flute pieces and interludes, And of course, SPB and Janaki's gamakam's when they sing "velai". All in all another of King's stunners !



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