09 July 2010


Don't know why this song is playing out in a loop in my head since this morning. Brings back some nice memories.

Wasted bodies, fresh minds, sore throats coz of all that yelling. Air guitars. Bangalore. Purple Haze. I guess the weekend is up on me.

Same broken throats, karaoke nights, Mexico. Pussy pop, as some would call it. I call it, the rejection song of the Gringos ;-)

Damn. Youtube does not allow use of colorful profanity in the songs. That is so very awful.

To restore sanity and world peace, a song that so very much reminds of some carnatic ragam, one that I am unable to place. "Wish you were here" by who else, Pink Floyd.

If you thought that was all, well "High Hopes" ;-)


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:42 AM


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