25 June 2012

Most plastic (non Royal Enfield) motorbike drivers are the scum of the earth. Here's why

1. No respect for their vehicles -- How long will it take to wipe your vehicle with a piece of cloth before you take it out for the day ? Most vehicles you see on the road are caked with dirt. Furthermore, in most cases, the mirrors are dangling on an awkward angle (on purpose), the chain links are loose and give out a rattling noise, the high beam lights are switched on, so on and so forth.

2. No road sense and discipline -- There is a mad rush to pass any vehicle that is there in front of them, even if it means putting their lives in danger. How often have you seen them move in an orderly manner ? Zilch. None. Nada. If there is a bus/car in front of them, it must be passed and they must move ahead, even if it means blocking the traffic that is coming in the opposite direction. Absolute morons lacking patience .

3. How many of these drivers know to use their rear-view mirrors ? More often than not, you see them cutting across lanes without even checking the traffic behind them. A sure shot recipe for accidents. Further, there is an urge to use the high beam in city roads. A simple way to get them stop using it, is to put them on a highway without a median, and make a truck double down on them with its high beam lights.

Having said all that, there are, of course, a very minuscule minority drivers who stick to the rules and drive perfectly well. And yes, there are some bad apples amongst royal enfield drivers too, who are an utter nuisance on the road.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 4:06 PM


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