06 November 2003

the wise say if you can't beat them join them !
i say if you can't make history start off by being a small part of history.
yesterday history was made when the last of the matrix trilogy was released here in bangalore where i stay.
somehow managed a first day first show ticket !
now for the movie :
i will not spoil it by relvealing what happens in the movie but one thing is for sure.the movie is not in the same league as matrix-1.
both matrix-2 and matrix-3 looked like yet another of those mindless hollywood nonsense.
the impact that matrix-1 had is simply not there in the other 2 movies !
just imagine after a hot chase a person picks up the phone and simply disappears.that kind of impact is not there !
worse matirx-2 had some amazing stunts.matrix-3 does have that too.nor the powerful dialouges.simply put matrix-3 is heading for a flop is my verdict.but then people will definitely see it as they have to find what happens to neo and trinity !
finally the movie ends with the words "asathoma sadgamaya.." reflecting the tru philosophy of the movie !
verdict : aviod it if you know what is going to happen to neo and trnity and the rest !

now to wait for lord of rings final part !

and india takes on new-zealand today in another day-night match.

things are not going well for the back caps at present with them not having won even one single match on this tour ! and to top is their captains outburst towards the indian board that things are loaded in our favour !
this is what i would love to say to the captain :
"hey man if it were do you think we would have allowed you to escape with 2 drawn test matches when even the mighty australians were forced to eat the humble pie ? everything is a part & parcel of this game ! what did your board do when it hosted the world cup ? small stadiums and poor playing conditions and what did your board do when india came there to play ? werent the conditions heavily loaded in your favour ? so stop cribbing and get on with the play and try to win some matches"

and finally news came today that my ex-roommate sukku alias sureshkumar kamalanatha ( phew ! quite a long name ) got engaged.dont yet know whether it was arranged or facilitated marriage ! have fun sukku.


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