08 November 2004

the weekend that was !

had a gr8 weekend.was invited for cinner to my guide's house.wow man the food was simply amazing ! long time since i had such nice and tasty food { except @ home of course! }

"bangalore has no more room to grow.it has become saturated.the traffic is becoming worse day-by-day.we need to create more satellite towns" well i have not said the above.the deputy cm did it.well my poser to the authorities is that you knew all this then why the hell did you have an egoistic competition with the neighbouring states to attract investment ? why did you allow companies to start here in such a hurry ? just to satisfy your pockets and your egoes ? now who are the one suferring ? the poor ppl who have to travel long distances in absolutely unmanageable and chaotic traffic.

my write up almost getting ready.so let me go ahead and continue giving some finishing touches to it.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 1:42 PM


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