21 October 2004

holding out to ransom ?

"if we dont improve the infrastructure in bangalore then the companies will go to china" threatened the so called IT captains of bangalore during a dinner meeting with rahul gandhi it seems.
i say if so then so be it. we should not be held out to ransom like this. no industry in india has ever got so much of attention and pampering by the governments. and i must say that the government is equally to blame too.in this aspect i have high regard for amma jayalalitha. for her IT is just another industry.if you want to set up shop go ahead if you dont want fine.
The damage that the former chief minister for karnataka did now comes out into the fore ! He projected bangalore as though it was the only place ever worth living and now look at the mess here!
this industry drives only .2% of india's gdp and there is nothing to be hyped or gungho about it. people keep asking for more road space in bangalore.where can there be any more road space ? for god's sake grow up guys. bangalore was never meant for such maniacal explosion.ok i better reserve these words for my article

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:09 AM


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