01 October 2004

against google ?

a small company called vivisimo has now challenged what i thought was not challengeable at all.it has challenged google ! with a new search engine called www.clusty.com
ok now what is it that makes google so efficient ? look around you for solutions particularly the real life !
supposedly when a colony of ants go out in search of food they split themselves into bunches and do the searching.when a group of ants find some food they gather it and go back to their anthills.
now the more the concentration of food in a particular spot the more the number of ants and hence more amount of the tracing fluid which all ants secrete.ie at that place the probability of finding food is more ! the google follows the same philosophy ! ( if you did not understand what i was saying all this time try searching for the same in google itself :-) )

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:50 AM


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