20 September 2004

point to ponder ?

what happens if u r a film maker ? you make a film,distribute it, then its upto the theater owner to show it for a few days to gauge the collections and then decide whether to continue showing the movie or not right ?
what happens if the theater owner decides that his theater is situated in a so called "hep" place and will show only english movies ? then the income you were getting from that theater is lost.also the theater owner decides to jack up the rates then what happens ? the so called "hep" ppl continue to come to that place pay 100 or so rupees to see the worhtless movie just because it is located in a so called "hep" place.
ok reader by now you would have guess that im talking about this worthless place in india called bangalore where a standoff between theater owners and distributors is happening.
I completely support the film makers.there should be a ban on other language movies.
"shankar nag chitra kala mandir" was the original name of symphony theater.i do remember that it used to show kannada movies.once the s/w boom happened he simply stopped.why ? now he is suffering.plaza another worthless theater charges 60rs for a theater that does not even have a/c!! can you imagine this kind of atrocity ?
so i fully support the cause of the kannada industry

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 5:01 PM


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