07 September 2004

the trip to oshno land was good.actually im impressed ! more so with the flyovers there ! a 2.5km flyover was built in just one year .the bangalore ppl are building flyovers for the past 3 yrs and not a single pillar is in place :-( anyway not much of my concern!
got back some pumpkin pedas.and im off to madras again this weekend !! for a marriage of my company colleague.then cal indeed looks like a decent place.the only problem is that everyone behind a wheel thinks he/she is a schumacher.driving at breakneck speeds.i amnot sure why they do that.also the number of 2 wheelers is quite less.they have good public transport ( of course cant beat madras anyday!!) metro underground rails and trams and buses.the buses look quite ugly though and dont have any windows too ! wonder how they travel when it rains which it does quite frequently.
humidity there is pretty high.when u come out of an a/c room your glasses fog ! that much humidity.
we interviewd the guys in a place called heritage college.that college has from kindergarden to engineernig ! the only issue is the fees.6k per month for school.the engineering is cheap though since it is all govt controlled.almost every classroom has an a/c.its as though the engineering is cross subsidised by the school !
for a metro city i see a lot of huge open spaces and marshes there.for example within a distance of say 12km from the heart of the city i could see fields !!
anyway that is their problem.it was indeed a nice change from being in bangalore.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:18 AM


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