10 August 2004

picture this :
a normal monday morning when u r full of energy and enthu raring to do something intresting and useful during the week.
u r in bangalore also hyped out as the IT capital, india's best city to live in and other bullshit.
you start for office at 10.00am thinking that everyone would have been in office and u could just waltz thru the traffic.
and then it happens "boom". the newspaper which everyone browses also called 16ply toilet paper aka times of india does not carry a mention of the impending danger.only indian express does and i am not aware whether any radio channels covered it.
at sharp 10.00am at the city's only arterial road that connects one end of the city with another a procession starts.
now what was the procession about ? apparently kannada movie is sinking and the starts are taking out a procession demanding that the concessions given to other movies should be withdrawn and they should be released late etc etc.
The consequesnce ? A traffic jam for atleast 4 km on either side.Traffic comes to a standstill for around 5 hours.Think of the amount of fuel lost.

now here are a few questions to the movie stars and those moronic idiots who took out the procession :

1. Not all stars attended the meeting.Why ? There is sharp difference between the film chamber of commerce and the rest of the stars.now when ur house is itself not in order how can you expect the rest to be set right ?

2. kannada movies are to put it simply trash.No i watch quite a few of them.Here's my question.There are no good theaters in bangalore.So when the movie is pathetic and the movie going experience is also the same who would come to the theater and watch it ?

3. Who is going to benefit from the so called delaying of other language movies ? Do they expect that the ppl who watch those other language movies will come to theater and watch kannada movies ? What nonsense are they talking about ?

4. Bangalore is supposed to be the capital city of karnataka.It should set an example for watching good kannada movies.Close to half the population of bangalore know kannada.Still what language do they talk to their kids in ? English.What language do they use among themselves ? English.When the ppl are themselves not ready to use the language in the capital city itself how will it percolate down to other cities ?

5. And finally a question to the law makers.Every procession that is held in a city has to get permission.Why did they allow permission for such a rally on a working day and that too @ peak hour and that too in an arterial road ?

Something is really wrong somewhere.Its just a question of time

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 7:49 PM


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