28 June 2004

and another week passes by.watched a brilliant match between chezhs and danes.which brings me to an intresting issue.why has espn blocked out hathway.hathway is a big cabel operator in bangalore with more than 70% subscription.espn claims hathway has not quoted its subscriber base correctly and has stopped telecasting the feed to it.hathway claims espn is demanding a higher rate.
now here is why i think hathway is lying : espn will not be able to increase rates for just one provider alone.there are 2 providers in bangalore and how is it the other provider is able to get espn feeds ?
i think hathway has almost become a monopoly here in bangalore and is doing some real shit work.
i think its time the spineless govt introduced CAS with a firm hand.only then things will come under control!

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 7:04 PM


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