08 June 2004

so sad blogging after such a long gap ! well things do happen ! checked out harry potter.total waste of money i must say.in case you have not seem ayudha ezhuthu well i wont say it is a must see but you can see it once for madhavan's potrayal.he has done a decent job out of it.i think the hindi version is not doing well but the tamil seems to be doing ok.that is probably due to casting problems.how can ajay devgan be a college student ? i am not sure such things would work out well ! anyway it didnt ! i took some pics with my new digital camera nikon coolpix 3700.shall upload it sometime around.i must say the camera is good ! even a minnow like me is able to take some good pics !
ok shall get back now and continue blogging on a regular basis !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 4:05 PM


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