22 April 2004

guys did anyone get invite to join gmail ? ok i did and i joined ! let me see what i am going to do with another mail ! ok it is raining in bangalore.good will bring the oppressing heat down.man past few days have been really terrible.as i say again yes i come from madras and it is far more hotter there..but i cant stand the heat when there is no humidity.i kind of feel like being roasted without oil kind of being burnt dry.so please if it is hot it is ok but let it be humid too !
and today there was no a/c in the lab for some time.man i now realise how much i have got used to a/c in the lab.could not sit in here properly !!
then had a chat with one of my old schoolmate.well people have really gone places.he is in SAP labs bangalore.nice to hear that ! good luck to him then i missed the second part of scahin's interview :-( :-( anyway no issues
gotta get back

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