21 April 2004

hmm watched chelsea loose to monaco.what a spirited game of football from monaco ! down to ten men and they were stillattacking.especially good were the winger rothen who setup two goals and ingmaar the defender who saved atleast two clear goals.great game.
then my project is down in dumps :-( someone please save it !
26% of india has voted with the exit polls putting my party ahead.i think i shall go over to my constituency and vote too !!
diego maradona is hospitalised ! well he looks an image of his former self ! so sad such a brilliant player is reduced to such a state.his first goal ( no not the hand of god goal ) was a superhuman effort !
hope that he revocers fully
then went yesterday to nandhini;s in sankey tank as our mess was closed.not as good as the indranagar one !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:48 AM


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