16 April 2004

wow ! what a victory.team india can savour this victory for quite some time ! on the other hand no more cricket for another few months gives me enough time to concentrate on my studies :-) ( ok i am being selfish but what the heck my career is on line here !!)
then there was this saree incident which went unnoticed by many.what was happening ? every party is trying to wash its hands off while 20 poor and hapless people died ! someone must do something about this ! this is not good at all.
saw some new website called fropper.com supposed to be a dating site it seems.
my question is why are such websites being created ? many men in india do not know about the concept of a normal talk.if any female comes across all that the guys do is to try to impress her.wel guys dont blame the females for this attitude.the fault lies in both guys and girls.the girsl should also have an open mind and guys should not come out strongly at girls only then such concepts will improve in india. !! huh ok my rantings here may not improve anything but what the heck this is my blog !!

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