04 April 2004

phew sleepless nights and sleepless days !! visited the new shopping complex in koramangala called forum.it is a load of BULLSHIT.does not come anywhere close to what spencer plaza in madras is.it has shops selling just branded goods.its alright to target a niche market segment but better be careful as that market segment is always dicey.give them something else to choose and they will desert you ! look at big bazzar it has loads of stuff and it is really going strong !
so my advice to the forum ppl is to better open up the place to different market segments !
met up with some of my rec junta.some of the junta i am catching up with them after a few years ! that is bad.. :-(
ya the second test starts tomorrow.good luck to the men in blue.some of our key bowlers have come back becuase of injuries.hope india has enough firepower to see it through !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:56 PM


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