18 March 2004

checked out the songs from ayudhaezhuthu.rahman has indeed given some good songs.nice instrument combinations.worth listening ! rush to your nearest store and grab a copy of the cassette.
supposedly the tapes sold 1 lakh copies in just 3 days which is indeed a record considering the fact that now-a-days download is the common mode of listening to songs !!
ok i have quite a few topics thinking to write about i guess.let me list them
1. placements in iim
2. set top boxes in madras
3. programming vs thinking
ok i shall write about each of it in the next few days.(one more procrastination !!)
the swaras from rahman's composition keep coming back ! man he has indeed done some job !
and yes tomorrow is another match.god please.as calvin says "assignments i command you be DONE !"


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:50 PM


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