06 March 2004

can you build a machine that can predict your future ? if so can you see your future and make preparations for it ?
intresting huh ? or is it a load of bull**it ? in either case head over to your nearest movie hall and watch the movie paycheck.
the latest offering by jhon woo is again a slickly built fast paced action movie.but what is the story ?
ben affleck is a high funda who does classified work and gets his memory erased in return ( r u still there ? :-) )
he does one such job worth 90 million$$ for his high school friend who is actually a con man.
the principle is this.if you can build a laser that can go to the edge of the universe and come back then you can predict what you will be doing in the future !
so he does osme work like that sees that he is about to be killed in the future by his own friend and makes preparations for it.
ok i will not spoil your enthu anymore so i shall stop here.
like his earlier film face off this is also a futuristic thriller.somehow i liked face off better that this one simply becuase of that one man - travolta
there is no travolta here !
but the movie is definitely worth a watch.
so now that i have seen two movies in a week after a long time its time to buckle up and get back to my assignments/projects.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:35 AM


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