19 February 2004

and finally i got kde3.2 working.it does look good !
also managed to check out LOTR.man that movie surely rocks !
phew compiler design is probablyu one of the heaviest courses in IISC.i am still programming and god knows when i will finish !
the problem lies with the language becuase it is so flexible that you can do virtually anything with the language :-(
and then i am currently using jedit and the editor seems to be good ! good performance for something written in java.i am definitely surprised & impressed !
it has this cool feature of structure member completion which is not there by default in vim ( ok vim enthusiasts might hammer me for this but yes there are plugins for vim that do this.alternatively i could also write one ! but still the way it is done in jedit is definitely good !
supposedly it is done using xrefactory which is also available for emacs.
but since i am not an avid emacs user i guess i shall stick to jedit for the time being !
then ran around for the past few days trying to file my returns.filing tax returns here is actually quite easy !
and the mother of all surprises is that i got back my refund ! india is definitely shining !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:40 AM


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