19 January 2004

blogging after almost a week is totally unacceptable ! i shall try to write a few lines everyday ! (no this is not a new year resolution ! :-) )
what did i do the past week ? ya ate some heavenly pongal ! can't help it i am a food monger to the core ! good food and i am game for it any day.then a few marriages are coming up this week and the weeks after that .thinking whether to attend or not.got loads of assignments to do.
and finally kudos to the indian team for beating aussies in their own turf after 12 years !
finally found out a place which teaches carnatic on guitar.hope to continue my lessons this time atleast ! i plan to go for my classes contoinously for atleast another 6 months.let me see.
i think i have to give up on my friend.no news for a real long time.almost a month.can't understand why people can't reply atleast to new year wishes.ok the moot point is if someone doesn't wish back is he/she a real friend.i would argue yes coz between good friends these things are trivial.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:37 PM


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