07 January 2004

finally it has happened.though we could not win the series we did not get washed out 4-0.full credit to ganguly and his team for erasing the invincible tag of aussies.
i agree australia is a good team but getting their coach buchnan to lecture on things like team building and leadership is just a bit too much. !
anyway spent around 20 days in madras.boy that place has changed a lot since i left it !
spencer's plaza rocks i must say.and the attitude of people is also slowly chaning.but all said and done madras is,was and will always remain a city of contrasts !
then the music season was just too good.
managed to attend prasanna's concert sitting in the front row.man someday if i can play 1/10 of the way he is playing i would have achieved something !
now back to college fighting with compiler design issues !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:57 AM


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