16 November 2003

ho hum;
back to blogging after a week with some sensational developments over the past weekend.
1. amma served notice on The Hindu and they tried to drum up some public support by putting it up in the front page in their newspapers ! so sad that such a good newspaper had to resort to such cheap tactis !
2. and india stormed into the finals of the cricket tournament.new zealand were trying to create history by becoming the first team to go back from an indian tour by not being defeated by the hosts even one !
rediff.com had an intresting line regarding that ! the line went like this : "new zealand wanted to make history.38 fours and 6 sixes later they were history !" nice lines.
and monday is my friend's birthday.wrote a small program to play some music on the system speaker wishing happy birthday.hope it is to liking !
semester is drawing to a close.got to start studying for that.somehow i have to manage a 5.5 out of 8 to maintain my image ! otherwise image damaged!
so shall get back to do some studying !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:47 PM


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