20 November 2003

a very bad start to the week !
after trashing new zealand soundly india got trashed by aussies.
well well since it seems to be occuring with regularity i wont write about it anymore !
and yesterday i finally heard back from my friend.had some problems and hence no news from that side for quite some time!
and i changed my mess from A mess to C mess.well if you were thinking A mess serves A quality food think again ! the food @ that mess is decent not great.but the food in C mess seems to get my vote ! a bit spicy and exactly the way i like it !
and no one breathing down your neck waiting for you to finish fast !
final semester exams are starting in a few more weeks so got to start cramming for it fast if i want to get a decent grade !
so i guess i better get back!

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 12:27 PM


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