26 December 2003

yesudas concert was really good.man that guy has a tremenous voice ! his opening song in hamsadhwani was too good ! let me see whether i can attend more concerts !
and i am planning to attend prasana's concert ! that should be something to look forward to !
phew last few days i am fighting to get suse linux cd's in madras.hope i et it before i leave for bangalore co in bangalore i can download the iso images and copy them to a cd but then i have to spend some time configuring my laptop !
let me see how best tings work out.
and again my friend has went off air.no news from that side for the past few days.hope nothing is wrong ! let me see whether i can trace my friend as quickly as possible.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:36 PM


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