27 November 2003

well what do i have to write today ? hmm a sucessful completion of all my pending assignments/projects !
and my friend is getting married in andhra.it seems he turned revolutionary (according to his parents/relatives he is a misfit becuase of this but that is a different matter!) when he refused dowry.
hats off to him and ppl like him.only becuase of them can the dowry menace go down.
oh well if you were wondering what i am going to do well first there should be a girl to marry and only then comes the question of dowry right ? so let the girl come up first.the rest can be dealt with later !
but then i cannot attend that marriage ! coz i have a serpent around my neck called exams :-)
so off i go to fight with it!

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 7:23 PM


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