28 January 2004

what a weekend ! trekked around 30km i conoor. man i must say i had a wonderful weekend after a loong time ! i shall post a detailed trip report some other time but for now head to http://photos.yahoo.com/raghuramthegreat to check out some snaps !
then checked out some really intresting places in coiambatore. there is a temple in a place called perur ( had a real bumpy ride to that place!) where there is a idol that has a ball inside its mouth ! now if you are not able to comprehend this or keep asking what is so great about this the thing is like this.there is an idol made of stone.it has a ball inside its mouth also made of stone.
now how did the ball come in its mouth ? think about it !
but unfortunately it is broken and hence locked up ! also supposedly the main idol grows out of the mountains !
and visited marudhamalai ! ya the same marudhamalai mentioned by mumtaz in her (in)famous dance !!
climed up for around 1000 steps to reach that temple.supposedly that temple was constructed by the devas themselves !
exams are up on saturday.so might get back with a detailed blog by around saturday !

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