21 January 2004

so a travel is in the offing this week! planning to check out conoor and then attend my childhood friend's marriage.why do these ppl send invites to my house ? my parents are now presurising me to say yes to the girl searching process.
i am steadfast ! i need some more time to finish this degree of mine(so that along the course i may get to meet someone and choose her ? no probably not as no time for those things :-( )
and i didnt go for my guitar classes.what is happening to me ? must pull myself up and start attending guitar classes without fail ! then campus placements are starting here.rewind back 4 years before when i was also sitting for placements.the difference is that i was in a sense better prepared.the guys here poor chaps are slogging hard for their current subjects that they are finding it hard to prepare unlike we useless fellows who had all the time in the world to prepare ! anyway that is life !
then met one of my school juniors in the college gym.i must say all my school junta are really going places.good that the effort of our teachers is not going in vain !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:43 PM


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