15 February 2004

blogging after two weeks ! not that i was away from the net or something but away from blogging simply due to too much of work pressure.
ok the question to be asked is why is it that these things are being compromised for work ? am i not eating when i have work ?
so i shall resolve to continue blogging and type out atleast a few lines daily ! must be like sending an e-mail !
then valentines day came and went ! yet another lonely valentine's day u ask ? i ask why should be something called valentine's day itself.
it is really ironical that the whole world celebrates somebody's death.it is still ironical that indian marketing dud's have hyped it much more than necessary.
i know a friend of mine who buys clothes especially for this day !
come one ! we are not kid's .if you really care about someone why do you need a special day to say it ?
anyway that was my thoughts on what this valentine's day madness is all about !
then caught up with LOTR the final part.
man this beats the shit out of the LOTR -II
after a looong time the sequel is better that the original !
anyway i shall write more in the next blog.
till then i resolve to type in atleast a paragraph every day !

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