22 February 2004

had a look at some good blogs ! man the kind of effort ppl put into their blogs ! simply awesome !
phew past 3 days of 3 hours of sleep ( which is nine hours !) and my brain definitely needs a break.assignment seems to be on course for a wednesday submission.
it has been long since i spent sleepless night on my studies.the last was in 1998 when i was in REC trichy when i had 2 continous days without sleep.
of course nothing beats my professional job time when i went for 3 days without sleep ( ya almost.ok i took around 2 hours of sleep !)
ok.i guess i am talking too much sleep :-(
then finally kamal's movie virumandi is a hit ! i guess to see that movie atleast i must go home ! but when ?
after a loong time i have not seem a kamal's blockbuster on the first day !
anyway allow me to go now to give some more shape to that f*(&**^*^*^*) assignment ( those wierd characters you saw are NOT typo errors)

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:28 AM


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