20 February 2004

now trying to figure out how to compile jedit using gcj ! anyway another intresting development is on the browser side.
i am currently evaluvating firefox from mozilla and it is definitely good ! i am impressed.
then checked out some songs from the movie jay jay.
2 songs are worth it.unnai naan by hariharan.well hariharan is one of my fav singers and he definitely rocks this song ! another latest hariharan song is from the movie engal anna called mudha mudhalai.good yaman kalyani song by deva ( of all ppl is it ? ) actually deva has given some good songs and this is one of them.
then i also heard kadhal mazhaiye ! i did catch a few minutes of the video and the song was picturised well.
amoga ( seems she was a model for pepsi ! i never saw that ad ! ) cute amoga is running around trying to locate maddy !
but the song definitely rocks.srinivas has done a decent job.but i still feel "god" hariharan would have done a better job of it !
then my assignment seems to be looking up.time to get back to it and give it some more support !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:13 AM


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