02 March 2004

checked out the movie khakee today.in general i am no fan of that mindless bolloywood fare but i guess since guys like me are growing in number the directors seem to have worken up.except for those three songs the rest of the movie was pretty decent.i would recommend it to anyone who is intrested in seeing a decent movie.
but above everything else ajay devgan takes the cake.man he seems to be maturing into a fine actor.kudos to the actor and the director for exacting a good performance.
only thing was that i saw it in the multiplex that is about an hour from my college.
and tickets are pretty expensive too !
but then since the seat and sound quality was pretty good when compared to the trash called symphony i will forgive the theatre complex!
actually we went to see the movie identity and ended up seeing this instead !
i shall catch up with identity sometime later !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 7:46 PM


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