07 March 2004

well someone sent me a mail asking why my blogs dont have a title ! simple.i guess i am not able to think of a title every other day ! so from now on whenever i get a title i shall put one !
continuing on the paycheck movie there are a few things that left me puzzled.
1. ben affleck uses a single bullet attached to one of the machine pistons to destroy the machines.now correct me if i am wrong.a bullet gets it power from the friction that is caused along the barrel.now without any kind of barrel how did the bullet get the friction ?
2. the whole science funda was again puzzling.how can you send a laser till the edge of the universe ? no known edge of the universe exists.and how can a laser rebound from the edge of the universe ? anyway the bottomline is see it just for jon woo !
and today is holi.increasingly holi has become too much colourful in hostels.it is an ordeal escaping from the junta who are very determined to catch you and immerse u !
let me see how best i can escape !
god please someone help with a project topic !! things are getting increasingly difficult :-( :-(

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:48 AM


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