08 March 2004

the great escape ?

huh so i managed a title for my blog ! ok.now dont ask me what that would mean to whatever that is there here ? i manged to escape the marduaeres ! but my tee shirt (white one :-) with my name in the front ! ) almost got damaged.i think i rescued it thanks to surf excel !
and there is a poster by someone all over the notice boards protesting against the disfiguration of the new hostel complex.i totally agree with him.supposedly the students here are expected to have some amount of maturity ! anyway who cares.ppl all over india celebrate holi in all pomp and style !
i am reminded of an incident that happened when i was in school ( ok around 12-13yrs ago ! this day exactly 10 years ago i was taking up my CBSE 12th exams ! time flies !) some of my classmates were spanked for playing holi in school time and causing damage to their uniforms ! i again agree with my school sir who spanked them ! do you think i am agreeing with general junta arbitrarily ?
ok sometime later i shall post my opinions on beards and hair raising experiences of junta ! not now.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:03 PM


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