10 March 2004

Hair raising experiences !

that signifies that i have no titles on hand :-( so what has been up with me for the past few days ? everytime i see something i think that i have to put it up in my blog but end up forgetting it !
after around hectic reading up of research papers finally settled on something to do for my project ? let me see...
ah ! beard raising experiences.i was once asked by a person.you are a research student.then why are neatly dressed ? ( read no unkept hair,no stubble,no chappals and more importsntly no beard.) now that got me into a fit of irritation.why is it that we research students give such an impression that we always need to be like that ? what prevents up from being neat and clean ? now if you are working in a office let me tell you you will not allowed to grow that beard.then why are you growing it when you are a student ? why dont the research students treat the college as their office ?
i guess this comes becuase most of the research students come over to do research directly from colleges.there are quite a few who come after some work experience.trust me it is hard to go back to your old self.
i speak this from personal experience.when i was in REC Trichy from 1997-2000 i remember i once broke the record for not taking bath for something like 5 consecutive days !(ok i must have smelt like a **%*#&*#* ) but that is ok !
now when you dont want to keep your streos loud becuase we are supposed to be research students and mature enough are you research students not mature enough to ensure personal hygeine ? anyway i hope some research student hears my rants and changes for good !
ok.before i get any more brickbats let me move out !

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