16 March 2004

ok so the assignment was disposed off ! no not completely bu sort of.
but then what a match.somehow india pak match never fails to entertain ! anyway today is the next one and i think we are in a spot of bother with our bowlers not all the fit ! and ten sports is still continuing to play truant with the match telecast !
checked out woodlands hotel for sunday dinner.decent food though.a bill for 6 guys came to 6 hundred.not bad at all !
and i sent a mail to one of the madras bloggers junta and no news from him ! i am surprised or probably his filter classified my mail as spam !
infosys has stopped the stock options ! man that is real bad.already the guys who work there do so only for the stocks! i pity you guys.remember there are ways to make money so start looking !!
placements in IIM's have concluded.the figures are quite impressive ? but are they ? i shall write about that tomorrow !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 12:31 PM


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