14 March 2004

when things go down the wire

all pictures in today's newspapers show one thing.an airborne kaif catchiing up one of the paki batsmen and surely turning things around india's way.it is that kind of athletism that is keeping india in the hunt for that elusive position of uninvincible team.
and surely holding the nerve is another things.
ashish nehra has made sure he will be in the team for a few more ODI's .oh come on we are in desparate need of good quality bowlers.
anyway good show india.keep it.nothing not even my dual assignment deadline for monday could/can keep me out of such a high quality match ! assignments may come and go but matches will come alive only on such rare occasions.
and watching it with a gumbal of junta only makes things more better !
and we had the ten sports imbroglio over the week.well i somehow seem to think that ten sports is justified in its claims ! before people of india crucify me let me first tell you our protests against set top boxes would do nothing except to put us at the mercy of cable operators.dont know how ? please spend some time thinking about it!
ok probably the govt should allow the boxes in the open market.
anyway let us hope something good works out !
i guess i better get back to that assignment !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:24 AM


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