20 March 2004

huh ! a random search on my blog title ( Yet Another Blogger ) stumped me as someone else had already taken it ! so here i am with my current title !!

saw a very decent tamil movie called autograph.
a no nosense presentation from cheran.of course he is no good as an actor but yes the film is really good.
it would be more meaningful if you were kind of forced to be away from the girl you loved.the pain in the eyes of the lead females are very brilliantly given at this point.
there of course some loopholes in what is otherwise a very well made movie.
like sneha keeping her mother's dead body in her house for two days.man i agree friendship is thick but this is just too much !
the mallu female player by gopika.man she is drop dead gorgeous.i think she is a original mallu.big expressive eyes ! she will surely go places.
if only cheran had not acted in this movie himself but the rumour mill is that he did not get anyone to act in it !!
the story is quite simple.cheran is getting married and goes to give invitation cards to all his old friends and crushes !!
the songs are quite apt in the movie.somhow one gets the feeling that he is a director to watch out for !
the movie does drag a little bit but i hear that people are enjoying it !
it is of course the same reason for which alaipayuthey became a big hit.
a "it could happen to me story" well told with meaningful flashbacks.
kudos to you cheran.keep up the good work.
then had dinner in ebony's @ 13th floor.nice restruant.a bill for 3 came to 550.not bad at all
india beter win tomorrow's match or they can kiss the series goodbye !!

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