19 March 2004

phew ! added some sections to my website.i think i must learn to use some authoring/publishing tool ! takes a heavy toll of my time.
ok.now to some topics wihch i said i will write up on.
so beginning with first one
1. programming vs thinking.

what is this all about ? if you are a non computer science student you may not know what i am talking about so let me fill you up. Programming is when given an algorithm ( or a method) you convert it to code in some language and execute it on a computer.
thinking is the design of that algorithm
now which one is better ? the algorithm or the program ?
so for the benefit of the layman here i go :
The discussion is equivalent to asking which is better ? the process of cooking itself or the process of making an exotic recipie ? i argue that whatever said and done programming ie the cooking is the most toughest and important part.oh come on any tom,dick,hariharan can tell you a recipie but how do you make sure that such a recipie produces some intresting stuff ?
so my request to all you fellow s/w engineers and managers and professors and students please DO NOT treat programming as dirt.without it nothing is possible.i can design a system that will launch a rocket every second but what is the use of the design without something concrete ?
it is becuase of this view of mine that i hate subjects that are theoretical in nature.
at graduate level especially when you will be applying what you learn here to your career you need to learn those subjects which you an understand the real life implications of it ! you simply cannot learn a subject just becuase you love it.
of course the views above are entirely of my own and i shall defend them.
in case you like something theoretical please dont pick up a fight with me.post your own blog refuting me !!!

so let me accept i love programing. don knuth calls all his books :"The Art of computer programming".and not something else.
kirsten nygrad mentions that programming is understanding.
when so many pathbreakers have had such good views about programming why is it that the managers and profs trreat programming as dirt ? please change it and accord enough due to it.please dont tell things like "programming is routine work." "programming does not need any thinking"
as i read sometime ago programming is like poetry.it is upto the poet to create it as adroitly as possible !

i hope if someone atleast someone reads the above and changes his/her views i would consider the time spent on typing it out as worthwile !

then continuing the feedback about songs from ayudha ezhuthu man there is one song called nenjam ellam.i think that there are no natural instruments in it and boy that song is really brilliant ! i am sure only rahman can come up with something like that !
i shall point out something about each of the song in a later blog.

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