25 March 2004

grr i typed out this blog in the morning and my net connection here in college went down.so i have absolutely no enthu to type it all over again :-(
kudos to the men in blue for an emphatic win.as imran khan said rightly brianless batting by pakis cost them the match.what surprises me is why is manjrekar always supporting the opposition team ? cant he give impartial comments.comments like pakistan has done good fightback and they are sure to win the series are all uncalled for.
ramiz raja ia another idiot.i think they should stop commenting alltogether.
and in another important judgement that might have far reaching implications microsoft was fined millions of dollars.well the fines are peanuts for that software giant.but the remaining judgements that they must not bundle windows media player and they must share source code could have major implications. though microsoft is appealingit could well be the beginning of more such suits.
no i am NOT anti-microsoft.i for one believe that if you are a linux fan you need to be a microsoft hater.look at gates.we need to learn a thiing or two on how to market products.the whole world knows that the product is buggy and prone to viruses.but has that stopped anyone from buying it ?
he is an excellent markating genius.
let us learn the good things from all the people around us !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:09 PM


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